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1) Sign Up

This year, IsrAction Day is officially happening on 17th December 2017.

To sign up, fill in the form below. Once submitted, you’ll receive an email with relevant information and resources.


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2) After You’ve Signed Up

  1. Grab your flyer template and logo – we’ll send you the IsrAction Day Toolkit, containing open format flyers and logos, which you can taylor-make for launching your own IsrAction Day wherever you live.
  2. Choose a local charity – Choose a local charity that helps the homeless or needy and liaise with them (time, date, etc.) about making a food donation during the Christmas/Hanukah holiday season.
  3. Choose drop-off points – If you’re part of an organization doing this collectively, decide on locations in your community where non-perishable Israeli food products can be gathered for IsrAction Day and then distributed to the food bank or homeless shelter near you.
  4. Get others involved – whether you are an organization sharing it on your newsletter or an individual sharing on your Social Media, you can get others to join this global community.

3) On the Day

  • Capture photos and videos, and send them to us through the feedback form we emailed to you after registration.
  • Post on your own Social Media and tag the IsrAction Day Facebook Page
  • Use the hashtag #IsrActionDay

Thank you again for taking part in IsrAction Day!

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