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What is it?

IsrAction Week is an international grassroots movement which encourages support of Israel as well as giving back to your local community during the Chanukkah/ Christmas time of year.

This is achieved by purchasing Israeli or kosher goods in local supermarkets and donating them to the needy in your hometown.

The movement takes place during the Chanukah / Christmas season, a perfect time for tzedakah, giving back to your community and reaching out to those more needy wherever you live.

Although December 2 – December 9 2018 is the official date for IsrAction Week 2018, people can elect to make it happen anytime during the Chanukah/Christmas season.

First launched in 2014, the movement is the brainchild of two UK-based pro-Israel grassroots groups — Sussex Friends of Israel and North West Friends of Israel — and has since been adopted by individuals, organisations and embassies worldwide.

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StandWithUs partnering on IsrAction Week

StandWithUs is an official partner with IsrAction Week across its many international branches, in the spirit of SWU’s mission as an Israel education organization.

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